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Disrupt the industry

Rogue Alloy was created in 2020 smack bang in the middle of the global pandemic after starting a family. I had a burning ambition and an elusive passion to disrupt & and innovate an outdated industry in which I've worked for over 15 years supplying and fitting alloys to hopefully create a legacy for my new family. After having been governed by the manufacturers and listening to their infamous 3 words, "they won't fit'', for far too long, I've been experimenting with different fitments, tyre sizing and offsets, really pushing the limits and the results are stunning. 

Starting Rogue was quite literally all about displaying independence and refusing to follow the expected script. It is not about being erratic or dishonest (as some might associate with the word Rogue) but instead about pushing boundaries, testing theories, running with new ideas, being brave, mischievous and playful and having a sense of humour, even in a professional environment. Everyone at Rogue is treated with respect and allowed to express their individuality, passion, thoughts, ideas and given responsibility and freedom. We don't encourage long working hours. We aim to work smarter, providing opportunities for rest, relaxation and more time spent with friends or family

We work to live, we don't live to work


Since 2020, Rogue has been very fortunate to grow and expand into a diverse, fun team of 9 who all have the knowledge & experience to give you the safest and most incredible-looking set-up for your vehicle and hopefully a smile too after cracking a silly joke. 


2023 is bringing lots of exciting new stories to the table for us by building our existing brand and launching new ones, opening new premises and finally launching our trade site. This will provide the opportunity for us and others to stock and display our growing range of wheels all over the country and develop our amazing staff to reach their full potential all whilst trying to provide the best service and experience to our customers. 

We've loved being introduced to the #VanLife community and met some amazing new people and friends so watch this space for new collaborations and ideas.


We believe everyone has a bit of Rogue in them, it’s just whether you’re ready to share it with the world!


Chris & Team Rogue

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