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The website will then filter all the wheels that are LOAD RATED and the correct STUD PATTERN for your van 

Once youve selected a wheel... choose a tyre (if required) if you dont see a brand listed it means we dont have it to hand in stock but can order it in... WE ONLY ADVERTISE WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK 

After youve selected the wheel and then the tyre it may ask for the NUT/BOLT colour (wheels differ with this option) 

Now you have the package you want, add it to the cart... it will then ask for the REGISTRATION NUMBER of the vehicle

We then behind the scenes tailor that wheel and tyre package to suit your van. We take care of all the load ratings for both the wheels and tyres. We work out the front and rear axle weights and will ensure that everything supplied will be MOT and insurance compatible.


Please let us know if youve upgraded the plate weights on any vehicles. We wont be able to tell this from reg plates 

We also make sure that there will be no rubbing or modifiactions needed to either suspension or body work. 

Sometimes we are let down by the wonderful build quality on FORD vehicles 

Transit customs can rub on the nearside front with our all terrains. We find in 1 in 50 vehicles will do this. Minor trimming to the mud flap and youre away 

Our name might be new, but our experience isn't.

Rogue was forged from a burning ambition and an elusive passion to disrupt & innovate an outdated industry.

After over 15 years of supplying and fitting alloys, we decided to start exaggerating & breaking the rule boundaries. Having being governed by the manufacturers and listening to the infamous 3 words, 'they won't fit' for far too long, we started experimenting with different options and were stunned by the results.

We have the knowledge & experience to give you the safest and most incredible looking set up for your vehicle.


If you're also ready to push the boundaries and get noticed (whilst staying well within legal requirements!) then you're ready to...



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